[Taxacom] Fwd: Fwd: open access

Luis POPA popaluis at antipa.ro
Fri Oct 25 07:27:23 CDT 2013

Donat Agosti wrote eariler "...Publishing is business...".
I think here is the source of some important differences between closed- 
and open-access journals. The closed one need to publish quality papers 
(at least what the scientific community would consider quality at a time 
moment) in order to be able to sell again and again the product (the paper).
The open access journals charge before so they are interested to publish 
a lot, which reduces the quality of papers.
I know this cannot be generalized to all journals, but I think this 
trend is clear.
In the end, maybe closed access is somehow better, because I think 
quality is more important.

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