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Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Wed Oct 30 03:01:57 CDT 2013

On 10/30/13 12:28 AM, Michael Heads wrote:
> I'm not using the precedents as the justification. I just cited them for
> interest. The Code is clear. -colus is an adjective (latinised, not Latin)
> and it agrees with the gender of the genus (Eupolybothrus, Parus etc.).
And, hoping to put the nail in this coffin, this was my point about it 
being spelled "-colus"; that means it is unambiguously adjectival, 
whereas "-cola" would not be. It is, as Michael points out, latinized 
(assuming one doesn't consider New Latin to be "true" Latin), and 
therefore entirely acceptable according to dictionaries (of which 
Brown's is as close to a Bible as one gets, and it allows for -cola, 
-colus, and -colum), which is in turn what the Code requires. Brown even 
lists several existing scientific names ending in -colus and -colum as 
*examples of how to use it* in practice. Brown was not some fool citing 
malformed names to make his cases, nor someone suffering from "a lack of 
knowledge of Latin grammar" as Miguel implies he was; he was THE guy who 
wrote THE book on how to form scientific names correctly, and no one, 
including Miguel, has written a better and more authoritative resource 
in the 60 years since he published it.


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