[Taxacom] Multiple views, singular views, and hopelessness

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On 9/1/2013 8:26 AM, Robinwbruce at aol.com wrote:
> Interesting comment and interesting thread............
> When exactly did classification and description become pejorative terms in
> science?  That would give us a date for the start of science as
> hubris..............and the (correlated?) diminishing of the value of  taxonomic
> thought and effort.

* could somebody explain what's the difference between an opinion and an 
hypothesis? Description is data - and if it 's affirmed to apply to an 
hypothetical entity (taxon) then it becomes part of the hypothesis. The 
problem is not that description and subjectively-assessed classification 
aren't scientific, it's just that those who have been seduced into the 
easy sciences don't understand the complexity of the hard sciences.

"The simpler the theoretical model the coarser or more unrealistic it 
will be." - http://pinicola.ca/kitchen.htm#four

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