[Taxacom] New systematics book

Richard Zander Richard.Zander at mobot.org
Tue Sep 3 12:28:57 CDT 2013

I have recently published "A Framework for Post-Phylogenetic
Systematics." Many of the ideas were discussed here on Taxacom, and I am
grateful to those who participated in the exchanges pro or con.

The book is available on Amazon. Just search for zander + framework. It
is quite inexpensive. The white cover allows students in phylogenetic
establishments to carry the book secretly by wrapping it in a cover torn
from a cladistics journal.

As an exercise in practicality, I split a genus into several segregate
genera based on a new empiric genus concept. For at least some taxa, the
genus may be considered the basic unit of evolution. I would appreciate
your feedback through Taxacom, or offline if you want to be anonymously

Richard Zander
richard.zander at mobot.org 

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