[Taxacom] International Symposium of Plant Diversity and Conservation in China and Ceremony of “Flora of China” Project Completion

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*International Symposium of Plant Diversity and Conservation in China*

*and Ceremony of ¡°Flora of China¡± Project Completion***

*23rd - 25th September, 2013*

* Beijing, China*


Along with the completion of the *Flora of China* project, the research and
conservation upon Chinese plant diversity confront tremendous challenges
and opportunities at the present time ¨C the post-flora era. This symposium
aims at providing an opportunity for plant taxonomists and systematists to
review the progress, evaluate the current status, and look into the future
of the field. China hosts enormous plant diversity that has supported its
long history and continuous advancement in studying plant taxonomy. With
especially rapid progress made during the recent years, the year 2013 comes
to be the time for China to invite colleagues from the world to discuss the
new frontiers of plant diversity and taxonomy. This would provide an ideal
forum for Chinese and international botanists to present research results,
exchange ideas, discuss common interests, develop collaborations and move
the field of plant diversity research forward.

*Theme and Topics*

1)      Plant diversity in China

2)      Plant diversity Conservation

3)      Plant taxonomy in the post-flora era

*Members of Academic committee*

Peter RAVEN (Missouri Botanical Garden, USA)

HONG De-Yuan (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

Stephen BLACKMORE (Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh, UK)

Ihsan AI-SHEHBAZ (Missouri Botanical Garden, USA)

Bruce BARTHOLOMEW (California Academy of Sciences, USA)

David BOUFFORD (Harvard University, USA)

GE Song (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

GU Hong-Ya (Peking University, China)

HUANG Hong-Wen (South China Botanical Garden, CAS, China)

LI De-Zhu (Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

SUN Hang (Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS, China?)

Libing ZHANG (Missouri Botanical Garden, USA)

*Members of Organization Committee*

FANG Jing-Yun (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

ZHANG Li-Xin (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

WANG Xiao-Quan (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

LENG Jing (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

FENG Min (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

ZHANG Hong-Yao (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

GONG Xiao-Lin (Institute of Botany, CAS, China)

*Brief Agenda*

22th September: Registration£¨Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel£©

23th September: Invited presentation and Ceremony

24-25th September: Post-symposium excursion


Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

*Flora of China* Editorial Committee

State Key Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, CAS


The symposium working language is English.

*Contact information*

GONG Xiao-lin, e-mail: gongxl at ibcas.ac.cn

FENG Min, e-mail: fengmin at ibcas.ac.cn

* *

* *

*Contact Information Card*

GONG, Xiao-Lin ¹¬ÏþÁÖ

gongxl at ibcas.ac.cn


FENG, Min ·ë •F

fengmin at ibcas.ac.cn


LENG, Jing Àä ¾²

lengjing at ibcas.ac.cn


ZHANG, Hong-Yao ÕźêÒ«

kaifang at ibcas.ac.cn


LIANG£¬Rong-Hua ÁºÈÙ»¨

lseb at ibcas.ac.cn


*Hotel information*

*Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel*

No.59 North Zhenhuangqi, Haidian District, Beijing 100093, China

Tel£º86-10-59898888     Fax£º86-10-62595959

Please check the details (map and photo) by the linkages below:




* *

*Conference program*

*I. **International Symposium of Plant Diversity and Conservation in China**

Date: September 23th, 2013.

Location: Lecture Hall, Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel

*Agenda *

8:30 am: Opening remarks

*Part 1* Chair: Dr. Ihsan AI-SHEHBAZ

8:45¨C9:15 am: Stephen BLACKMORE: The Plants of China ¨C A Companion to the
Flora of China.

9:15¨C9:45 am: Li-Bing ZHANG & Mike GILBERT: Overview of Flora of China.

9:45¨C10:15 am: Jun WEN: Disjunct Distribution of Plants between East Asia
and North America.

10:15¨C10:30 am: Tea break & group Photo shooting.

*Part 2* Chair: Prof. GU Hong-Ya

10:30¨C11:00 am: HONG De-Yuan: An Integrative Approach to Plant Taxonomy.

11:00¨C11:30 am: SUN Hang: Great Diversity of Floristic Elements in China
and Its Origination.

11:30¨C12:00 am: WANG Xiao-Quan: Comparative Phylogeography of Plants in
Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Other Regions: Implications for Development of
Flora of China.

*Part 3* Chair: Dr. David BOUFFORD

1:30¨C2:00 pm: QIN Hai-Ning: Red List of Higher Plants and Conservation
Strategies in China.

2:00¨C2:30 pm: HUANG Hong-Wen: BGS Living Collections: Historic Introduction
& Domestication and Contemporary Ex situ Conservation.

*Part 4* Chair: Prof. GE Song

2:30¨C3:00 pm: LI De-Zhu: Germplasm Bank and Conservation.

3:00¨C3:30 pm: Peter Raven: Understanding and Conserving the World of

* *

* *

*II. Ceremony of ¡°Flora of China¡± Project Completion *

*   *Date/time:* *September 23th, 2013;* *5:00¨C6:00 pm**

Location: Lecture Hall, Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel* *

   Hosted by Prof. FANG Jing-Yun (Director of Institute of Botany, CAS)

   Invited remarks

*III. Dinner*

*  *Date/time:* *September 23th, 2013; 6:30¨C8:00 pm**

Location: Dining Hall, Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel

Remarks from Peter RAVEN and HONG De-Yuan

*IV. Excursion to Mt. Xiaowutai, Hebei Province *

*   *September 24th ¨C25th, 2013

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