[Taxacom] Catalogue of Life User Survey Open

Ryanne Leigh Matthias r.l.matthias at reading.ac.uk
Wed Sep 4 04:55:29 CDT 2013

To learn more about external uses the Catalogue of Life is running a very short online anonymised User Survey until the end of September. If you have utilised any of our services please take a few minutes to answer the questions at the following link. Your feedback can help guide future development and improvements and build a resource that services the needs of all our different user communities.


The Catalogue of Life is continuing in its efforts to build a comprehensive taxonomic inventory of all known species on Earth. The Catalogue currently holds over 1.4m species compiled from 135 peer-reviewed taxonomic databases run by specialists around the world.

Much of the use of the Catalogue is to provide a taxonomic backbone for other global data portals and through the i4Life project <http://www.i4life.eu/>  it has formed partnerships with IUCN Red Data List, Global Biodiversity Information Facility, European Nucleotide Archive, Encyclopedia of Life, Barcode of Life initiatives, and Life Watch (EDIT), to index their differing species catalogues to a standardised Catalogue of Life list.

However, it also provides a public interface online at www.catalogueoflife.org<http://www.catalogueoflife.org> giving access to a great number of individual, institutional and commercial users.

Whilst we are aware of many discussions on Taxacom around issues presented by the Catalogue of Life (such as the pros and cons of presenting a single versus multiple taxonomy to end users), we welcome any reiteration of your opinions in our User Survey.

We would appreciate help forwarding this link to anyone you know who may have an interest in the services provided by the Catalogue of Life.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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