[Taxacom] Binomial Nomenclature - was: "cataloguing hypotheses & not real things"

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Hi Curtis -- I agree fully. That is why I think that multiple approaches/solutions/hypotheses should be encouraged. That is why I do not like the one size fits all option that is being pushed. There is room for both a non-hierarchical evolutionary based monomial system and a classification using binomials (and descriptions and keys). I think in both mediums (and benefit enormously from the fact I do this). A monomial system without keys would have made it impossible for me to key out that plant that poisoned those two boys. I did it the old fashion (useful way). However, as an evolutionist I also know that old fashioned classifications are hugely problematic in actually understanding the origin and diversity of organisms. Why is there not room for both? If I can work simultaneously in both constructs -- I am sure others can too. Dictatorial lists of names in current use are an anathema to me as they go against the very way empirical science should work.


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On 2013-09-04 4:21 AM, Ashley Nicholas wrote:
> Great quote with some truth. But if the choice is between being logical and being illogical -- I think I will choose logic thank you.

It concerns me that there is not so much emphasis on "useful".

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