[Taxacom] When electing a neotype, how to define the other gender

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Phew, fortunately Code Articles 75.3.5 and 6 do not deal with the question whether or not selecting paratypes as neotypes. After your comment I thought there might be a contradiction in the Code that needs to be fixed. Fortunately there isn't a contradiction.
Or do you say that paratypes are generally not consistent with the holotype and do generally originate far away from the type locality? Certainly not.


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> Recommendation 75A. Choice of neotypes. Authors are advised to choose neotypes from any surviving paratypes or paralectotypes unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary...
Once again, Recommendations do not take precedence over Code Articles.
Specifically, Code Articles 75.3.5 and 75.3.6 constitute two VERY
compelling reasons NOT to use paratypes as neotypes. A neotype
designation that satisfies this Recommendation but violates Art. 75.3 is
not valid!


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