[Taxacom] Software for zoological specimens -- try it

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Thu Apr 10 17:20:21 CDT 2014


This looks very nice and friendly, and I'm glad to see it based on off-the-shelf software like FileMaker Pro (also the base for collection databasing at QVMAG).

What provisions have you made for data-entry validation? In my 2013 audit of GBIF records I found a very large number of errors originating at the museum end which were the result of data-entry mistakes.

Also, you write: "The Papis system is an open-source system. Provided you have FileMaker programming knowledge and a FM Pro license, you can modify the system as you see fit." Surely if you need a licence for closed-source, proprietary software before you can modify the layer on top, then the system as a whole isn't open-source?
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