[Taxacom] [iczn-list] Fraudulent alteration of databases to commit scientific theft and fraud.

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You cannot trust databases. They always contain mistakes and are constantly updated, corrected, or new mistakes get introduced.
So the main question is: When did you physically examine and label your holotypes? When did you hold the specimens in your hand?

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Dear all,

This week a paper was published renaming two turtles I named in a paper published last year.
The paper alleges my types were never held at the University of Florida, based on an online database record, showing my holotype specimens as sighting records only (as opposed to bodies at the place).
Going on to assert my descriptions are therefore null and void, the authors (10 listed) go on and rename the species using the same data.
Now if the claim were to be correct, the action would be OK.
However I have been able to show quite easily that the relevant database entries have been fraudulently altered along with a total of about 150 others in a serious act of badly executed scientific fraud, committed to justify the ultimate action of improperly renaming the two turtles.
BTW. The details of the case are in a 20 minute video posted here
My question is has anyone else here ever encountered this sort of caper before?

Raymond Hoser

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