[Taxacom] [iczn-list] Fraudulent alteration of databases to commit scientific theft and fraud.

Philipp Wagner philipp.wagner.zfmk at uni-bonn.de
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> So the main question is: When did you physically examine 
>and label your holotypes? When did you hold the specimens 
>in your hand?


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>to commit scientific theft and fraud.
> Dear all,
> This week a paper was published renaming two turtles I 
>named in a paper published last year.
> The paper alleges my types were never held at the 
>University of Florida, based on an online database 
>record, showing my holotype specimens as sighting records 
>only (as opposed to bodies at the place).
> Going on to assert my descriptions are therefore null 
>and void, the authors (10 listed) go on and rename the 
>species using the same data.
> Now if the claim were to be correct, the action would be 
> However I have been able to show quite easily that the 
>relevant database entries have been fraudulently altered 
>along with a total of about 150 others in a serious act 
>of badly executed scientific fraud, committed to justify 
>the ultimate action of improperly renaming the two 
> BTW. The details of the case are in a 20 minute video 
>posted here
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1hv_GEVf9U&feature=youtu.be
> My question is has anyone else here ever encountered 
>this sort of caper before?
> Raymond Hoser
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