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These look like specific epithets, not names. A specific epithet is only part of a name, it is the second word in the name of a species. For instance, "Poa borealis" or "Triticum boreale" would be names of species, "borealis" and "boreale" are just epithets. Epithets such as those cited are adjectives and have to agree in gender with the generic name (the first word of the two words that make up the name of a species).  The pairs cited are not homonyms because they are not names, just part of a name. 


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The recommendation 23A (especially g) of the I.C.B.N. invite to don't publish names very much alike to others formerly published.
My problem is: names as boreale/borealis, rivulare/rivularis, spirale/spiralis, and so on(based on different types)  must be considered homonyms, in accord to art. 53. 3 ?


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