[Taxacom] Chilean hexactinellid sponges

Juan Francisco Araya jfaraya at u.uchile.cl
Mon Dec 1 19:20:57 CST 2014

Dear all:

One of my works has been recently published, it deals with some Chilean
hexactinellid sponges. If anyone is interested in the matter just let me
know, I can provide a copy of the article.

The reference is the next:

Reiswig H, Araya JF. 2014. A review of the Hexactinellida (Porifera) of
Chile, with the first record of *Caulophacus* Schulze, 1885 (Lyssacinosida:
Rossellidae) from the Southeastern Pacific Ocean. Zootaxa. 3889(3):414–428.


Juan Francisco.

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