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*Vacancy Announcement:* UNEP/ROLAC - Brazil Office

Project: Improving Brazilian Capacity to Conserve and Use Biodiversity
through Information Management and Use

*Type of Contract:* Service Contract

*Duration:* 12 months

*Duty Station:* Petropolis - Rio de Janeiro

*Closing date for application:* February 9th 2014


This announcement aims to hire a specialist in Biodiversity Informatics for
being part of the team responsible for planning, development and
maintenance of SiBBr, system of the project Improving Brazilian Capacity to
Conserve and Use Biodiversity through Information Management and Use, at
the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC), in Petropolis -
Rio de Janeiro. The initial contract will be for duration of 01 year, with
possibility of extension. The contract will begin on March, 2014 and end on
February, 2015.


The specialist will work as a member of the LNCC team that is responsible
for implementing the Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity - SiBBr
and its applications and tests in order to make it available to the public.
This work will be carried out under the coordination of the LNCC and with
other members of the SiBBr team - experts in databases, object oriented
programming, web design and application development.

The team will follow the following work plan:

* Implement the development project SiBBr system;

* Perform analysis of requirements: actors, scenarios, functional and
non-functional properties, system constraints;

* Set initial system specification;

* Perform the initial implementation of communication tests;

* Develop and enhance the SiBBr - emphasizing integration and data load;

* Define detailed specification: use cases, data modeling and process and
integration of data load;

* Conduct implementation;

* Database;

* Interfaces;

* Integration and processing of queries;

* Web Services applications;

* Perform testing and validation.

The following activities shall be performed:

* technical support in the implementation of models for integration of data
on the biodiversity of Brazil in their different organizational levels and
based on international models available;

* technical support in the implementation of policies, guidelines and data
management protocols to ensure quality and support the institutions
associated with SIBBr in your scanning processes and publication of data
and metadata on biodiversity;

* technical support in the implementation of inter-institutional processes
of elaboration and adoption of controlled languages in the national and
international context;

* participation and technical support in the preparation and adoption of
guidelines for quality of the published data by SIBBR, as well as its
clearance, settlement, publishing and development of learning materials on
data quality;

* technical support in building policies and guides on publishing,
management, access and use of data on biodiversity in Brazil;

* Technical support for the development, inclusion of content and
administration of technological tools and controlled languages of SiBBr;

* Work collaboratively with the National Laboratory for Scientific
Computing (LNCC) team in Petropolis - RJ;

* Identify ways of adapting the information system and applications to
better attend the aspects related to the biodiversity and ecosystems;

* Permanent communication with the project team, at LNCC, MCTI and UNEP;

* Participation in physical meetings or teleconferences with the
technicians involved;

* Make visits to SiBBr partnerships institutions to provide technical
advice aiming to qualify, standardization and integration of databases;

* Monitoring the packets of data and metadata that are integrated into
SiBBr, checking quality and creating reports proposing improvements;

* Any other functions related directly or indirectly to the office will be
ordered by the LNCC, Project Management Unit or their representatives.

The professional to be hired to carry out its activities and
responsibilities under the supervision of the LNCC and the Project
Management Unit composed by the Project Coordination ( MCTI ) and the UNEP
Brazil office.


Level: SB4

Payment will be made monthly.


The recruited specialist will perform his or her duties and
responsibilities under Project Coordination and UNEP Brazil Office


All the activities to be developed under this term of reference will have
direct impact on the development and implementation of the Information
System on Brazilian Biodiversity - SiBBr being developed under the "Improving
Brazilian Capacity to Conserve and Use Biodiversity through Information
Management and Use."

The result of the services provided by this specialist will be the
implementation of the Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity - SiBBr
and its elaboration, tests and implementation in order to be available to
the public. This work will be carried out under the coordination of the
LNCC and with other members of the SiBBr team.


*Professionalism:* Knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts and
approaches relevant to the area of work; good research, analytical and
problem-solving skills; ability to apply judgment in the work environment;
the capacity to plan own work and manage conflicting priorities.

*Commitment to Continuous Learning*: Willingness to keep abreast of new UN
procedures and rules and developments in the field of information

*Communication: *Good verbal and written communication skills, including
the ability to draft/edit variety of written texts, documents, reports,
correspondences and to articulate ideas in a clear and concise style.

*Technological Awareness:* Ability to make effective use of required
computer software and other equipment relevant to the post (MS Word, Excel,

*Teamwork:* Good interpersonal skills such as initiative, responsibility,
teamwork, flexibility and capacity to work under pressure. Ability to
establish and maintain effective working relations in a multi-cultural
organization. Ability to provide effective support in relation to work
conducted by colleagues;

*Travel:* Candidate must have availability to travel.



Degree in Natural Sciences as Biology, Ecology and related fields;

Desirable Master in informatics related to biodiversity issues.


* Minimum of 3 (three) years of experience in biological collections,
trusteeship, digitization and management of biodiversity data in excel or
other programs;

* Experience in computer technology applied to biology or environmental and
/ or ecosystem data;

* Knowledge of metadata standards for biodiversity, such as EML, Dublin
Core and Darwin Core;

* Desirable knowledge of systems for managing metadata catalogs as MetaCat;

* Desirable knowledge of standards for data management TDWG biodiversity;

* Good management of informatics tools, such as Excel;

* Pro-activity, assertive communication, responsibility and ability to work
in a team and under pressure;

* Availability to undertake occasional travel.

*Language Requirements:*

Fluency in Portuguese.

Intermediate proficiency in English and / or Spanish.

Qualified candidates may submit their applications by e-mail, in English,

Detailed curriculum vitae (Personal History format -

Application letter containing the remuneration expectation.


Applications must be sent to the address mentioned below by no later than
February 9th 2013, 23:59 UTC/GMT (Brasília time) quoting reference "*Specialist
in Biodiversity Informatics* *- Improving Brazilian Capacity to Conserve
and Use Biodiversity through Information Management and Use*".

E-mail:  procurement.brazil at pnuma.org

Eventual requests for information or doubt clarifications may be submitted
to UNEP Brazil (to the email address above) byFebruary 3rd, 2013. The
answers will be published on the UNEP webpage, below this ToR on February
5th, 2013.

*Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.*

*Only short-listed qualified candidates will receive an acknowledgement*

*Eduardo Dalcin*
Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro
Diretoria de Pesquisas
Núcleo de Computação Científica e Geoprocessamento
e-mail: edalcin at jbrj.gov.br
Trabalho / Work: +55 21 3204 2116
*e-mail alternativo / * *alternate email:** edalcin at jbrj.org
<edalcin at jbrj.org>*

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