[Taxacom] Tuatara 1984 special issue on panbiogeography

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 10:22:45 CST 2014

For those interested. Articles in the journal Tuatara on Croizat's
panbiogeography and Principia Potanica are now available as pdf scans at

This publication was trashed by most reviewers (of course) but it
nevertheless sold out. The articles are listed below.

John Grehan

Gibbs, G.W. 1984. Introduction. Tuatara 27, 1
Craw, R.C. 1984. Never a serious scientist: the life of Leon Croizat.
Tuatara 27, 7-7.
Craw, R.C. 1984. Leon Croizat's biogeographic work: a personal
appreciation. Tuatara 27, 8-13.
Grehan, J.R. 1984. Evolution by law: Croizat's "orthogeny" and Darwin's
"laws of growth. Tuatara 27, 14-19.
Craw, R.C. 1984. Charles Darwin on 'laws of growth". Tuatara 27, 19-20.
Croizat, L.C. 1984. Charles Darwin and his theories (translated by Michael
Heads). Tuatara 27, 21-25.
Heads, M. 1984. Principia Botanica: Croizat's contributions to botany.
Tuatara 26-48.
Croizat, L. 1984. Mayr vs Croizat-an enquiry. Tuatara 27, 49-66.
Heads, M. & Craw, R.C. 1984. Bibliography of the scientific work of Leon
Croizat 1932-1982. Tuatara 27, 67-75.

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