[Taxacom] Illumina seqeuncing

Damien HINSINGER hin175 at free.fr
Wed Feb 19 02:11:59 CST 2014

One of the most critical factor in next generation sequencing is the quality of the DNA prior to the library construction.
If you are able to extract high weight DNA fragment (at least 10-15 kb), it should be good (the DNA will be fragmented according to the size required by the platform you will use)…
But that’s the question, could you extract high quality DNA from such specimens ?
Regards, Damien

Le 19 févr. 2014 à 01:54, Aron Katz <aron.d.katz at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I’m considering Illumina sequences, but I’m not sure if small specimens (1-2mm) stored in alcohol are appropriate for this sequencing method.  Does anyone have experience with attaining genome sequence data from small arthropod specimens collected in 95% ethanol? These specimens will be freshly collected and stored at -10degC short term. I’m hoping to avoid having to collect them ‘dry’.
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