[Taxacom] counting the number of species on Earth ... for the Ark

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Tue Feb 25 19:01:28 CST 2014

On 2014-02-24 7:31 AM, Fred Schueler wrote:
> * it's been suggested that this Oxymoronic field is a bogus reply to a
> TAXACOM post by Curtis Clark: “...

I'd flatter myself if I thought it true, but my first reaction to 
learning about baraminology was "Oh, shit." I'm glad the young-earth 
creationists are using the Ark as constraint and invoking 
hyperevolution, though, since it is absurdist icing on a 
pseudoscientific cake

On 2014-02-24 11:28 AM, David Campbell wrote:
> Actually, there are at least one or two creation scientists (such as Kurt
> Wise) who actually try to tackle the question of where the boundary lies
> between supposed within-kind variation and separately created forms.

On that basis I'd be willing to call these individuals scientists. But 
at some point they will still be faced with the choice between evidence 
and belief.

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