[Taxacom] counting the number of species on Earth ... for the Ark

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Thu Feb 27 21:16:36 CST 2014

On 2014-02-26 3:22 AM, John Grehan wrote:
> I wonder if it is really a continuum or are the two always intertwined? 

To me, a continuum implies that the two states are "intertwined" for 
intermediate values.

> My point was that any critique of creationists regarding belief or 
> evidence can be leveled at evolutionists as well. 

Can be, and has been, time after time. This list has plenty of examples, 
the value of paraphyly being a recent one.

> And some no doubt well intended evolutionists regard panbiogeographers 
> as creationists.

That's a stretch.

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