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Sat Jan 4 18:16:01 CST 2014

To those interested in the history of natural history museums:

On 31 December 2013 a comprehensive history of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been published. Thirty-two authors have contributed to the 427 pages of the volume that contains a summative history of the whole institution from the very beginning in 1897, and detailed, comprehensive histories of Exhibits, Education, and the Research and Collections departments Zoology, Geology, Paleontology, Anthropology, Space Sciences, and Health Sciences. It is illustrated with uncountable historical photos and illustrations, many of them in color. This will be *the* reference on the Museum's history for a long time, it looks nice, and it reads pretty well (I can say that since as the Editor-in-Chief, I had to read the whole thing). The volume is number 4 of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals and available for free download at http://www.dmns.org/science/museum-publications/.
It can be purchased at lulu.com, in hardbound and paperback (links given on the publications webpage). As it is in full color, it is not cheap, but probably worth it. We produced a separate edition of the first chapter (summative history) which can also be purchased at lulu.com, in hardbound and paperback.

The Denver Museum will continue its remarkable journey with the opening of the Morgridge Family Exploration Center in February 2014, a new 126,000 square feet state-of-the-art collections and education facility. Stay tuned.

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