[Taxacom] [iczn-list] Dealing with taxonomic vandalism without the need to alter the zoological Code, this being relegation of bogus taxa to synonymy

Michael A. Ivie mivie at montana.edu
Fri Jan 10 13:07:00 CST 2014

This Hoser/Schleip etc. mess (Sorry to our Canadian members for calling 
someone a Hoser in a message, and to our Yiddish speakers for referring 
to someone as a Schleip, no disrespect is meant in either case) is a 
minor kerfuffle, caused by too many aficionados chasing too little 
biodiversity.  It can be dealt with by a combination of time (eventually 
all the antagonists will die) and good followup scholarship.  We have 
lots of examples where this type of silliness has been touted as the end 
of the world, only to become a historical anecdote 50 years later.  Cope 
and Marsh were the same.  Horn published rebuttals to Casey's papers 
regularly, to which Casey responded angrily, there was a move to 
suppress all of Maurice Pic's poorly described species, Lindroth even 
applauded Pic's death as being good for the field, and in the end, 
everyone moved on and we deal with it.  I think the antagonists here are 
massively egomaniacal in thinking the rest of us should care about their 
little dispute.  Leave the Commission out of this.  Names are valid or 
not, quality is not an issue for the Commission. Unprofessional behavior 
should be dealt with in other ways.  Don't involve the Code or the 
Commission in these tar baby disputes.


On 1/10/2014 5:40 AM, Wulf Schleip wrote:
> Dear list(s) *sorry for cross-posting, but I simply reply to all*,
> For all those, who are unaware of the paper Mr. Hoser is talking about. Feel free to make up your mind on that paper:
> Schleip, W.D. 2008. Revision of the Genus Leiopython Hubrecht 1879 (Serpentes: Pythonidae) with the Redescription of Taxa Recently Described by Hoser (2000) and the Description of New Species. Journal of Herpetology 12/2008; 42(4):645–667. It can be viewed in full from my researchgate.net profile:
> https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235696222_Revision_of_the_Genus_Leiopython_Hubrecht_1879_(Serpentes_Pythonidae)_with_the_Redescription_of_Taxa_Recently_Described_by_Hoser_(2000)_and_the_Description_of_New_Species?ev=prf_pub
> Cheers,
> Wulf
> ---
> Wulf Schleip
> Fichtenweg 11
> 53340 Meckenheim
> Germany
> url: http://leiopython.de
> email: webmaster at leiopython.de
> On Fri 10/01/14 12:42 , Raymond Hoser - The Snakeman <viper007 at live.com.au> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Rafael wrote:
>> “You may be interested in some statistic from the botanical world
>> where this is much more common.
>> Silba has since 1981 published 577 names of Conifers and currently
>> 20 of those are accepted by taxonomists. Because of this similar calls
>> have made in the botanical world to do something about homemade
>> journals however I think by quietly synonymising his names (rather
>> than ignoring them) and providing good taxonomic data to e.g. CoL
>> (which feeds into Eol, GBIF...) and online in general this has not
>> lead to competing taxonomies.
>> As only 3% of his names need to be accepted it is very likely that
>> Jackyhosernatrix or similar ones never need to be used.
>> Rafaël”
>> Well, I agree with you wholeheartedly Rafael.  Lets get back to the
>> science of taxonomy and stop trying to change the rules to allow
>> unscientific thieves to steal the good taxonomic work of others by
>> having them rename valid taxa on the back of someone else’s
>> code-compliant work. My suggestion however in my case is that based on
>> what I posted earlier, people will be pressed to find good scientific
>> evidence to relegate my names to synonymy. Or as even noted by the
>> poster here who accused me of ripping off all the unnamed clades in an
>> alleged act of “scooping” others.
>> Referring to what you said Rafael, and as a good example of what you
>> (and I) mean, you need look no further than the taxonomic vandalism of
>> Wuster friend Wulf Schleip.  In 2008 he invented 3 new species of
>> Leiopython and without a shred of evidence to do so.
>> This he published in a PRINO journal in 2008 at a place he was also
>> editor.
>> There was no need to step outside the code to deal with this
>> reckless and unscientific conduct as proposed by the Wuster gang
>> (including Schleip as co-author of Kaiser et al. 2013 himself).
>> To deal with Schleip’s nomenclatural misconduct, I simply produced
>> a paper in 2009 and using good hard scientific evidence (something
>> alien to the Wuster gang) I relegated them all into synonymy with the
>> long-established Leiopython albertisi.  That I was correct in my
>> science has been confirmed by comparative molecular data across the
>> same geo-region and the perhaps more telling fact that no one in the
>> snake pet trade (a money business) refers to the Schleip taxa in their
>> trade as none can even be differentiated from the original L.
>> albertisi types!  In terms of the Brown Leiopythons, even the
>> Indonesian government only issues permits for the original L.
>> albertisi!  This is notable in that even consistent morphs, based on a
>> single mutation are differentiated by pet dealers in order to boost
>> profits.
>> Oh, and even Wuster himself admitted on a chat forum that his mate
>> Wulf Schleip had got it all wrong and that the species he claimed
>> didn’t exist!
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