[Taxacom] [iczn-list] Dealing with taxonomic vandalism without the need to alter the zoological Code, this being relegation of bogus taxa to synonymy

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Fri Jan 10 13:39:04 CST 2014


Thanks, Mike.

Few seem to know or pay attention to history, but it has helpful
information to allow accurate decision making. When one puts the H/Sche
situation in comparison to past situations like this, it is pitifully
small and unimportant in the big scheme of all zoological taxonomy. The
ICZN has, since its inception, rightly refused to "sanction" names or
"suppress" names in a censorship mode and should not start now -- or even
devise filters or rules (instead of recommendations) by which names should
be formed to disallow certain people from publishing. If it does, it is a
slippery slope that falls into an open can of worms leading to a sticky
wicket guarding Pandora's box -- and it will it be hard to get out of all
those clichés. They should only be involved with threats to stability, and
instability can really only be proven after a long time of usage.

I told Doug privately I would not comment -- apparently I lied.


On Stardate 1/10/14 9:07 AM, Star Commander "Michael A. Ivie"
<mivie at montana.edu> wrote:

>This Hoser/Schleip etc. mess (Sorry to our Canadian members for calling
>someone a Hoser in a message, and to our Yiddish speakers for referring
>to someone as a Schleip, no disrespect is meant in either case) is a
>minor kerfuffle, caused by too many aficionados chasing too little
>biodiversity.  It can be dealt with by a combination of time (eventually
>all the antagonists will die) and good followup scholarship.  We have
>lots of examples where this type of silliness has been touted as the end
>of the world, only to become a historical anecdote 50 years later.  Cope
>and Marsh were the same.  Horn published rebuttals to Casey's papers
>regularly, to which Casey responded angrily, there was a move to
>suppress all of Maurice Pic's poorly described species, Lindroth even
>applauded Pic's death as being good for the field, and in the end,
>everyone moved on and we deal with it.  I think the antagonists here are
>massively egomaniacal in thinking the rest of us should care about their
>little dispute.  Leave the Commission out of this.  Names are valid or
>not, quality is not an issue for the Commission. Unprofessional behavior
>should be dealt with in other ways.  Don't involve the Code or the
>Commission in these tar baby disputes.

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