[Taxacom] Dealing with taxonomic vandalism without the need to alter the zoological Code, this being relegation of bogus taxa to synonymy

Mark O'Shea oshea at markoshea.info
Fri Jan 10 15:23:31 CST 2014

Mike Ivie, Raymond Hoser posted nine times on the ICZN listserv and claimed Schleip had published his Leiopython paper in a PRINO journal. All Schleip did was post a link, virtually without comment, to demonstrate his paper was published in a respected peer-reviewed journal dating back to 1968, the Journal of Herpetology. His post was shared by both ICZN and Taxacom, so that is why you saw it here without the nine hoser posts that proceeded it.

I consider your post both rude and demeaning. This, sadly, is not a small dispute, it is an ongoing struggle by the global herpetological community against one man with a predilection  for naming literally hundreds of taxa after his family, friends and pets, in his own private single-authored, self-edited, un-reviewed journal.

The fact that the Kaiser et al 2013 paper was supported by around 80 academic herpetologists and most of the world's professional herpetological societies, headed by the World Congress of Herpetology, demonstrates this is not a private dispute, but something rocking the very taxonomic roots of herpetology. I would say that falls within the remit of “Taxacom is an e-mail list for biological systematics”.

There may be far fewer reptiles in this world than insects but we are equally passionate and protective of our species, the taxonomy that supports our science, and the names by which those species are known.

I also think you owe both Mr Schleip, and incidentally Mr Hoser, apologies for ridiculing their surnames so unprofessionally on a supposedly professional listserver.

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