[Taxacom] Call to remove libellous material from the ICZN wesbite

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McKelvy's comment about you does seem rather inappropriate. I wonder what qualifications he has to be able to make public judgements about your mental health? I notice he signs off "institutionally", rather than as personal view only. Perhaps you could threaten to take his institution to court over this, since he has spoken with their voice?


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Sent: Monday, 13 January 2014 3:47 PM
Subject: Call to remove libellous material from the ICZN wesbite

Dear all, in spite of a call by ICZN Commissioner Yanega and others to correspondents not to engage in personal attacks the post copied below is nothing less.
On that basis I ask that it be REMOVED from the website at:

That material in the post is factually incorrect is a second reason to remove it.
The same applies for similar factually incorrect posts by Wuster/Kaiser supporters which are not arguing anything relevant to the ICZN or the code, but rather irrelevant personal attacks.
I also note that material supportive of my (Raymond Hoser) position in support of evidence-based science, peer review, ethics and the code, which would be the majority view of herpetologists that has been submitted to the website has not yet been published.
I also note that I have been rebuked by the esteemed Wuster side for far less strident comments here and elsewhere.
Thank you - Raymond Hoser
Vandal using ICZN's neutrality against the scientific community
Submitted by Alexander D. McKelvy (not verified) on Tue, 2014-01-07 21:46 
Raymond Hoser exhibits obvious symptoms of mental illness and contributes nothing to the understanding of taxonomy with his proposed taxonomic changes. For most of us in herpetology, it is as simple as ignoring the man, and will remain so regardless of what the ICZN decides about the issue, be it censure or maintained neutrality. The situation is actually slightly amusing - this is a clearly cognitively distressed man doing everything in his power to change taxonomic status to reflect his pets, friends and family. Everything he produces is so mundane and poorly written, but laced with so much indignant lunacy that one cannot help but laugh. 
I understand it's a difficult spot for the ICZN to be in and maintain neutrality, but there are certain, case by case instances where the ICZN can no longer sit behind that veil and silently watch while the mentally ill confuse non-experts in the field. An important point to consider is that vandals have the upper hand - destroying others' work requires little to no effort. Raymond Hoser is, in broken English, publishing hundreds of names in his own journal, seemingly peer reviewed by only his pet dog. He uses the neutrality of the ICZN as justification for the legitimacy of his contributions. In this specific case, I would not be opposed to seeing the ICZN do something unprecedented - list the Australasian Journal of Herpetology as unacceptable for publication of taxonomic changes, or issue a statement clarifying that his work is of such poor quality and scientific merit that it can not be considered under the code. 
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