[Taxacom] Neoromicia nanus or Neoromicia nana?

Francisco Welter-Schultes fwelter at gwdg.de
Mon Jan 13 05:47:49 CST 2014

In the AnimalBase team we have marked nanus, -a, -um as an 
adjective. Our list was elaborated by Oliver Eikel who had consulted 
Latin dictionaries and who in the course of this research had come to 
this conclusion.


There is a molluscan name Pomatias nanus Westerlund, 1879, currently 
known since quite a long time as Cochlostoma nanum (Westerlund, 
1879). I have never noticed any objections. 

I have no solution. Maybe it is better not to interfere in 
the currently proposed form "N. nana", and to avoid introducing 
technically a second name for the species (in many electronic systems 
N. nanum and N. nana are two different names). I would only propose a 
differend ending if I am absolutely sure, or if various endings have 
been proposed in the past anyway.

Some time ago I have proposed to set up a list as an appendix to the 
Code, to define a limited list of adjectives which must be changed, 
and to replace the other rules, especially those involving 


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