[Taxacom] combining stem of subfamily ending 'pelma'

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Yes, this is another common mistake. As far as the grammar goes, the correctspelling should be Acanthopelmatinae, and this keeps the original authorship if corrected from Acanthopelminae. But the situation could be complicated by "prevailing usage" considerations in the Code?
Article 16.2 (http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-sites/iczn/code/index.jsp?article=16) requires that the type genus be explicitly stated whenever a new family-group name is first proposed. This is a cause of considerable chaos!

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OK, I kindly request help with formation of 'family-ending names', in this case subfamily.
Genus Acanthopelma Pickard Cambridge 1897, -> subfamily Acanthopelminae Smith 1994.
It has been suggested to me the subfamily name should be altered to Acanthopelmatinae

So, it is an issue about what is the correct 'combining stem'. Here, 'pelma' appears to be greek - sole of foot.
And more general questions, just to be sureIf altered, i think this keeps the original authorship, Smith 1994?
As monotypic, i don't think have to say explicitly the type genus is Acanthopelma for validity, just 'genus included' or some such.

p.s. Many thanks for replies to a couple of other taxacom messages from me in the past!

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