[Taxacom] Postdoc: phylogenetic diversity in bark and ambrosia beetles

Bjarte Henry Jordal Bjarte.Jordal at um.uib.no
Tue Jan 14 14:04:35 CST 2014

There is a postdoc position available in my lab, see:


Postdoctoral fellow in biosystematics - phylogenetic diversity of bark and ambrosia beetles

At the Museum of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen, a position as postdoctoral research fellow is available for 2 years in the NFR funded project «A phylogenomic approach to understand the diversification of bark beetles and associated microbes». The fellow will be associated with the research group Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolution at the museum (http://www.uib.no/rg/pse).

Bark and ambrosia beetles are a species rich group of wood-boring insects that contain more than 10 % of the total weevil diversity. This group of wood-boring weevils shows extreme variation in ecological and biological adaptations, thus offering great opportunities for testing exciting evolutionary hypotheses. The postdoc will focus mainly on comparative phylogenetic analyses of diversification, particularly in relation to host plant evolution, symbiosis with microbial fungi, and variation in reproductive and genetic systems in these beetles. The research will be based in part on accumulated biological and ecological data, but additional fieldwork in the Afrotropics may be considered. It will also be necessary to participate in the reconstruction of large-scale bark beetle phylogenies. The postdoc will collaborate with team members from Michigan State University (East Lansing), University of Florida (Gainsville), one PhD student (started 2012) and the project leader at the University Museum in Bergen.

Applicants must hold a PhD degree in evolutionary biology with relevance to biosystematics. The thesis must have been submitted by the application deadline. Applicants should have broad experience with phylogenetic research and diversification analyses, or coevolutionary approaches and similar types of phylogeny based analyses. Entomological expertise and knowledge about bark and ambrosia beetles is considered an advantage, but not mandatory. The selected candidate must document ability to work independently and in groups, and have a proven record of publishing scientific papers.

Expected starting date is April 2014, but flexible within first half of 2014. Salary level 57 on the government salary scale (corresponding to NOK 473,100 per year).

Additional information on the position is available from the PI, associate professor Bjarte Jordal, phone +47 55 58 2233, e-mail: bjarte.jordal at um.uib.no<mailto:bjarte.jordal at um.uib.no>

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