[Taxacom] recursive SQL database for taxonomy available?

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> Hi Kim,
> We have a number of recursive representations of things (including asserted
> taxonomic hierarchies) in GNUB (Global Names Usage Bank), and I would say
> that the content is "substantial".  And, of course, it is open source.
> Are you more interested in the data, or the SQL statements to generate
> recursion (i.e., transform a hierarchical nested set of records in a single
> table to a flattened concatenated, delimited list of elements in sequence)?
> I could go on for hours about both; however, I think it's in the best
> interests of everyone (including myself) that I not attempt to do that now.
Hi Richard,

I'm not sure I understand.

For my Bromeliad research I use a MySQL taxon database with rank and 
epithet fields. The name field is a recursive function to calculate the 
full name for a Taxon. You can use as many groups below family level and 
higher and there is a taxon tree representation as well as a flat list.

I can't think of other recursive functioniality

Best wishes,
Eric Gouda

> But I am more than happy to elaborate in more detail, if you are interested,
> and if I have a better understanding of what you are looking for.
> It could represent a "teachable moment" for how GNUB captures taxonomic
> information.
> Aloha,
> Rich

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