[Taxacom] Mystery Organisms

Ricardo bayshark at bigfoot.com
Thu Jul 17 04:30:44 CDT 2014

Its looks like fish scales....

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Dear Taxacomers:

We are on expedition in Pohnpei, conducting surveys of deep coral reefs.
 We've been finding an unusual organism that is extremely abundant on the
sea floor at depths of about 80-95 meters (more or less).  The collective
wisdom of our team (with primary expertise in fishes and gorgonians) has
come up with a best-guess taxonomic identification as "some kind of animal
-- or maybe algae?"

Photos and a brief description are available on the expedition blog:
(feel free to browse the rest of the blog as well!)

All suggestions are welcome!  We return home tomorrow, and will have better
access to microscopes, etc. as of next week.  If you know what it is, or
have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on the blog site itself,
reply to this taxacom post, or email me directly.


Richard L. Pyle
Bishop Museum
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