[Taxacom] herbarium information

Ines Ribeiro inribeiro2004 at yahoo.com.br
Sun Nov 30 18:40:05 CST 2014

Dear,   As curator of the BHZB Herbarium from the Botanic Garden of Belo Horizonte /Minas Gerais /Brasil , I would like informations about records in herbariuns of Aristolochia chamisssonis specie. I like this complete information where and when it was collected .   Aristolochia chamissonis is hostel plant of the Parides burchellanus ( Lepidoptera) butterfly from Brazilian list of species  enderanged .   We are ellaborating a plan of management to this specie   Thanks in advanced.   Inês Ribeiro de Andrade  Botanic Garden Fundação Zoo-Botânica de Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte -Minas Gerais Brasil    

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