[Taxacom] A good year indeed!

JF Mate aphodiinaemate at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 16:09:01 CST 2014


The problem with social Darwinism is that it is an exercise in post
hoc ergo propter hoc. People presupose what the selected characters
are, when in reality we have no way of actually testing for this. It
becomes a tit-for-tat exchange based on which side of the divide you
stand. Society (the collection of human interactions) is the way it
is, and appealing to some sort of guiding, somehow "perfecting" force
is neither constructive nor accurate.

The funny thing is that I donĀ“t remember anybody in Taxacom claiming
that professional taxonomists were undeserving of their jobs. The
initial conversation revolved around the loss of serious amateurs (in
my opinion). Maybe the conversation should steer this way before
uglier concepts rear their head (academic eugenics for example).



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