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Peter Rauch peterar at berkeley.edu
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Indeed, Ev was a gentle giant. He had a profound role --through the most
skilled of counsel and guidance-- in the shaping and on the direction of my
professional life. His many graduate students at UCR and UCB were a very
fortunate lot to enjoy his mentorship and caring friendship.


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Evert I. Schlinger passed away during the lunar eclipse in the early
morning of Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  He was a giant of a man in both
stature and accomplishment.  He fought for advancing science and improving
the environment all of his life.  He had a lazar-like ability to dissect
problems and find solutions.  He was gentle, caring, yet held strong
convictions.  His work in the systematics of the small-headed fly family
Acroceridae was deep and provided the foundation for future workers; his
work in biological control was less known but profoundly influenced the
course and development of integrated pest management.  Perhaps his greatest
gift to science was a cadre of students that have made impacts in many
areas of entomology and education.  For me, he will always be remembered as
my best friend and a great mentor.
 Michael E. Irwin
meirwin at illinois.edu

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