[Taxacom] The Herbonautes : French tool for herbaria

Louise BOULANGEAT louise at tela-botanica.org
Fri Oct 10 07:39:19 CDT 2014


Do you know the site "The Herbonautes" http://lesherbonautes.mnhn.fr?

This is a participatory tool dedicated to herbarium collections. After 
scanning the herbarium of Paris, pictures of sheets of herbaria have 
been uploaded and grouped by "missions" on the site Herbonautes to 
invite fans to computerize herbarium collections and awareness about that .

For ten days, a mission gathering harvests Quebec was opened, we already 
have about 5,000 contributions for over 1000 views sheets!

Are you interested in the geography of Quebec? Ancient scriptures you 
passionate about? Want to know more about the history of botanists?

Come and participate in this mission without delay!

Visit the website: http://lesherbonautes.mnhn.fr/missions/2017031#

Thank you in advance for your contributions!


ps : Sorry, actually, this website is only in French but we work for a 
future version in other languages
	*Louise Boulangeat*
Recensement des herbiers de France

04 67 52 41 22

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