[Taxacom] iDigBio Workshop Announcement: Data Standards, Data Sharing, and Demystifying the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT)

Debbie Paul dpaul at fsu.edu
Thu Oct 16 23:11:19 CDT 2014

Hello Everyone!,

New Workshop - now taking applications.

**Info and Workshop Application Link for 
Data Sharing, Data Standards, and Demystifying the IPT 
When:* 13-14 January 2015
*Where: *2 locations - University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 
@iDigBio and Ottawa, ON Canada at the K.W. Neatby Building of 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
*Participants:* Data Managers, Collection Managers, and Researchers 
(limited to taxonomists)
*What kind of data?:* Datasets limited to occurrence (vouchered 
specimen) data, (not checklists or observations)
*Organizers:* iDigBio, Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility 
<http://www.cbif.gc.ca/eng/home/?id=1370403266262>, Canadensys 
<http://www.canadensys.net/>, GBIF <http://www.gbif.org/>, VertNet 
<http://vertnet.org/>, USGS-BISON <http://bison.usgs.ornl.gov/#home>, 
and the TTD-TCN <http://tcn.amnh.org/>.
*Workshop Wiki*: Data Sharing, Data Standards, and Demystifying the IPT 

This workshop is for you if you:
•    manage data for a museum collection and would like to learn how to 
use the IPT
•    want to understand more about Darwin Core and Data Sharing Standards
•    would like to understand just what is meant by "Darwin Core Archive 
file (DwC-A)."
•    want to learn how to create or update Darwin Core Archive files 
using the IPT
•    would like to understand just a bit more about where data goes and 
how it gets there once it leaves your collection

Looking forward to seeing you there!,
Deb Paul, et al from the planning team
(with apologies for cross-posting -- but didn't want anyone to miss)

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