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Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Sat Oct 4 12:26:50 CDT 2014

On 10/4/14 3:59 AM, Thomas Pape wrote:
> Dear Rudy and Arnaud,
> You mention that:   "In 1953 J. Denis describes (in French) three species in a genus ‘Acanthinozodium’ without designating a type species."
> Article 13.3 requires that a new genus-group name proposed after 1930 is "accompanied by the fixation of a type species in the original publication" unless it is a new replacement name. Therefore, ‘Acanthinozodium’ is not made available by Denis (1953).
> When Denis (1966) describes Acanthinozodium spinosum and mentions that this should have been the type species, and GIVEN that there is a description of the genus-group taxon Acanthinozodium (or a reference to one), then Acanthinozodium is made available from that work and with those species that Denis (1966) included within it, and Acanthinozodium spinosum is the type species by original designation.
I'm in complete agreement with Thomas on this - there was no 
justification for designating a different type species in 1991 - the 
genus, and its type species, were made available and fixed in 1966. It 
does not matter if spinosum was among the species included in 1953, 
since the genus was originally described in 1966.
> In 2001 Marusik & Koponen consider Acanthinozodium a nomen nudum because no type species was designated at the first publication of the name. As a result, all species considered congeneric with Acanthinozodium are now in Zodariellum.
This only applies to the 1953 publication of the name, which was indeed 
not available, but since it was made available in 1966, it is available 
from that date and therefore senior to Zodariellum; so long as the type 
species of Zodariellum is placed in the same genus as spinosum, 
Zodariellum is a junior synonym of Acanthinozodium. If no one is using 
Acanthinozodium as a valid name, then matters potentially become more 
complicated, though clearly it could not be treated as a nomen oblitum 
under Art. 23.9.1 - the only way to preserve Zodariellum (should that be 
considered desirable) is an application to the Commission under Art. 
23.9.3, with appropriate argumentation.


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