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Bevan Weir WeirB at landcareresearch.co.nz
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Hi John,

The best way if you still have access to the server that your old content was on (or know someone who does) is to create a 301 permanent redirect to the new content. That needs a little bit of web knowledge but anyone who has access to the server will be able to do it.

Other than that not much you can do that will speed up the process of Google deciding the page really won't be coming back.


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I am sure that there are quite a few web savvy people on this list so I would be grateful for feedback on the nature of old web links coming up in searches. Even though a couple of years have passed there are some searches that will bring up web links to my former institution and of course these links are no longer active. I presume that there is pretty much nothing that can be done about that situation and it is probably exacerbated by my current web site being private rather than institutional and so the old links are given higher priority even though they no longer work. Any observations on or off the list would be of interest to me to understand the nature of this problem better.


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