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I hope you are ok. Could you please try the following Open Delta (https://code.google.com/p/open-delta/wiki/InstallationInstructions)

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If you were using VirtualBox as your virtual machine manager, attaching
drives outside of the virtual machine is simple. Highlight the XP
virtual machine in the starting dialog, go to settings, shared folders,
right click the list of shared folders and add any folder that you want
to access on the host system from the virtual machine. This is really
useful, because XP doesn't need to know anything about the host file
system (ext4 in my case) - the data are provided as in a networked
drive. Other virtual machine managers should do something similar. If
you are limited to the Microsoft universe, Win7 virtualization of XP
works well. A student who works with me uses it exclusively, so I can
confirm Joe Kirkbride's observation. Does anyone know if the XP virtual
machine works on Win 8.1 or 8.2?
best wishes

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On 10/10/2014 02:55 PM, Kirkbride, Joseph wrote:

> I have restarted using the DELTA system after several years without using it. My current office PC is running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional, and CONFOR will not run on it. I had to find an old machine running Windows XP to use DELTA. Some years ago, Mike had mentioned that the way to resolve this was to install a virtual machine running an earlier version of Windows. I tried that some years ago, and it was very cumbersome moving the files into and out of the virtual machine.

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