[Taxacom] GBIF & BHL

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Mon Oct 13 15:56:56 CDT 2014

Rod, your suggestion is a good one but doesn't help us understand what happens next.

Whether or not biodiversity data sources are machine readable, there is no reason for data providers to combine what they have with what others have provided. The result is that we have separate but overlapping data sources with differing content. My favourite example is Australian millipede records. These are available online from ALA/GBIF, various museum catalogues and as (machine parse-able) CSVs on the Millipedes of Australia website. The best and most complete source is MoA, which is not pointed to (or used) by ALA/GBIF.

A 'meta-aggregator' could pull together all the machine-readable records for a particular species from all available online sources. Now what?
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