[Taxacom] De-extinction & Rhachistia aldabrae

Fred Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Sun Oct 26 20:25:55 CDT 2014

Quoting "Walker, Ken" <kwalker at museum.vic.gov.au>:

> I define citizen science projects such as the “Great Koala Count” as  
> a “Top Down” project and it fits perfectly with the definition of  
> “citizen science” as used by Earthwatch.  Personally, I prefer the  
> “Bottom Up” approach to “citizen science” where amateurs employ  
> serendipity to record and share data. I call this “adding value to a  
> hobby” and that’s my “working” definition for “citizen science”.

* add "koalameters" to the "frogometers" and "birdometers" of  
http://pinicola.ca/AdoptX.htm - our proposal there didn't get funded  
or launched, however.

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"[The] two fundamental steps of scientific thought - the conjecture  
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surely not Darwin [, whose] works manifest the activity of a mind  
seeking for wisdom, a value which conventional philosophy has largely  
abandoned." Ghiselen, 1969. Triumph of the Darwinian Method, p 237.

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