[Taxacom] Flora of North America north of Mexico; Volume 28: Bryophyta, Part 2 now available

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Flora of North America is pleased to announce publication of Volume 28, 
the second of three volumes treating bryophytes.  Together with Volume 27, 
this completes the accounts of mosses and is an up-to-date replacement for 
Moss Flora of North America by A. J. Grout (1928—1940).

Volume 28 includes an introductory chapter on phylogenetic studies of 
North America mosses by A. Jonathan Shaw, and a key to moss genera of the 
Flora by Dale H. Vitt and William R. Buck. Treatments were prepared by 44 
authors, covering forty-eight families, 206 genera, and 698 species, 
including 13 endemic genera and 138 endemic species.  Nineteen of the 
species are known to be of conservation concern.  Each account includes a 
key to included taxa, accepted scientific name, literature citation, 
synonyms, morphological descriptions, geographical distributions and 
habitat, and discussions. Every genus and 53% of the species are 
accompanied by original illustrations drawn from author-provided material 
by Patricia M. Eckel

Flora of North America north of Mexico; Volume 28:  Bryophyta, Part 2. 
Flora of North America Editorial Committee, 702 + xxi pp.  US$95.  ISBN 
9780190202750.  Order from Oxford University Press, www.oup.com.  August 

More information about the project is available at 
<www.floranorthamerica.org>. Seventeen volumes have been published in the 
30 volume set.  Content from published volumes is available through JSTOR 
and www.floranorthamerica.org.

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