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Authorship for the 'parent' of an infraspecific name is 'superfluous' for any name that is being proposed as correct - just leave it out. Orthographic variants do not have authorship different from the orthographically correct form of the name ... something which has 'crept into' The Plant List for one of the examples cited at the start of this thread.


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It looks safe to say that just about anybody would think it unusual to list differences between a variety and a subspecies.

As to Curtis Clark's point that the name of an infraspecific taxon consists of three parts, this has been the case for a long time, to be precise since the 1966, Edinburgh Code (now in Art. 24.1 and Art. 24 Ex. 1).


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>I just have a simple question. Since while discussing taxa in a
> publication, we mainly use accepted names, will it be alright if I use the
> statement "Anagallis arvensis L. var. caerulea (L.) Gouan differes from
> Anagallis arvensis L. subsp. foemina (Mill.) Schinz & Thell in following
> characters................................................................"
> , will it be alright for my *more expert scholars??*
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>> On 2014-09-13 8:54 AM, Gurcharan Singh wrote:
>>> More so
>>> if we have a subspecies foemina, we also need to have a subspecies
>>> anagallis, and var. caerulea has to find place among any of these two, not
>>> just a variety under the species. The example I have given defies all
>>> rules
>>> of botanical nomenclature.
>> I used to think that, too, but several years ago on Taxacom it was pointed
>> out by several scholars more expert in the Code than I that placing a
>> variety within a subspecies is a classification, not a name.
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