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Dr. Antonio Lopez cycas at mnhnc.inf.cu
Tue Apr 21 12:50:41 CDT 2015

In biogeography there are not myths, but mythical. People grasped to dogmas
that it suits to their interests for some reason. If we compare the
paradigms of the biogeography today with those of the first half of the XX
century we see a continuous reduction. That reduction is due to that is
published of everything in the biogeography literature, without a lot of
noise, but contradicting myths and "gurus."  It is for that reason the
reduction intent and mystification.


It is certain that there are truths accepted today that I don't understand,
like it is transforming methods into concepts, like it happens with the
cladogram. Also impose to the geology paradigms of the biology. Example, to
substitute lineages with regions in a cladogram

But, the biogeography until the moment continues being a science open to the
discussion, and at the end everything fits and of everything we learn,
almost always for well. 



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