[Taxacom] Thematic Session How to hit an uncertain, moving target in the ICES Annual Science Conference 2015

Antonina dos Santos antonina at ipma.pt
Thu Apr 23 06:19:24 CDT 2015

This session 
will take place at the ICES Annual Conference from 21 to 25 September in 
Copenhagen (Denmark) and aims to discuss the implementation of the MSFD, 
an issue increasingly ubiquitous in science of all EU countries that are 
obliged to implement it.

Over the past few years, the implementation of the MSFD has become an 
increasingly important issue of marine science across Europe, as the 
state of marine ecosystems has been evaluated, good environmental status 
(GES) definitions has been set and, the development of indicators for 
its determination and monitoring programs have been developed. Future 
challenges include the development of measures and management systems to 
oversee the implementation of measures and monitor their success.

These efforts fit with the adoption of ecosystem assessment and 
integrated management by European countries. Although various stages of 
implementation are already complete, many issues need to be resolved and 
many scientific questions have arisen. Topics covered by this session 
include the appropriate definitions of good environmental status (GES); 
the choice of appropriate indicators for, amongst others, non-indigenous 
species and food webs; accounting for effects of climate change on 
marine communities; designing effective monitoring programmes for 
benthic communities and marine mammals; the mismatch of scale between 
current regional fishery management and the local-scale impacts of 
fishing; coping with uncertainty the role of novel (e.g. metagenetic) 
techniques in measuring biodiversity; assessing GES; and management 
measures to mitigate the cumulative impacts of human activities.

The submission of papers in this session is already open 

This is an excellent opportunity for all researchers from the entire 
marine sciences community around the world to present their work and 
discuss these matters of the utmost importance. __


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