[Taxacom] are early online publications code-compliant?

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yes, if there is no evidence for ZooBank registration in an electronic paper, it is not available for nomenclatural purposes. The nomenclatural acts will be available from the paper publication.
My paper just dealt with the publication models, assuming that all other criteria for availabilities are fulfilled.
It now becomes increasingly obvious that a large number of editors is agnostic towards the criteria of availability. With co-commissioners Thomas Paper and Rich Pyle, I am currently preparing a paper explaining what the "Works" are that need to be registered in order to be available in electronic form.
Electronic publication for nomenclatural purposes is still new. It is expected that everybody needs some time to adapt, and we do what we can to help.


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Dear Frank,

I refer to your p25 "Cambridge’s FirstView articles are available for the
purposes of zoological nomenclature.".  The problem one for me and others
at WoRMS is 'Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United
Kingdom' but I glanced at their 'Bulletin of Entomological Research'.  The
'publication model' at Cambridge may potentially conform as regards
version of record, but as there is no ZooBank registration done by the
editors, there is no availability until print unless authors are
sufficiently aware to do it themselves and put it in the MS. Yet to see
one of those for JMBAUK.


Geoff Read

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Hi all,
In the last issue of the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature I published a
paper scrutinizing major publishers' models for early online publications,
i.e. paper published on the web before they get integrated into a journal
issue. I suggested a solution based on the NISO guidelines for publishers
on journal article versions. In short, I suggest that if the early online
publication is the Version of Record, it should be considered the final
version and nomenclaturally available. The paper can be downloaded here
(line two from below):

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