[Taxacom] are early online publications code-compliant?

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>Not really all that complex, actually<

Actually, the "complexities" I had in mind include this scenario: ZooBank registration happens after e-publication, the LSID is added to the work, but the citation in the work of the initial publication date isn't changed. So, the cited date isn't the valid date of publication, but that is OK, since apparently cited publication dates can be incorrect. So, presumably, we must take the date of ZooBank registration to be the valid date of publication. But, the LSID might not have been added to the work until sometime after that date. Retrospectively, there does not seem to be any way to determine when the LSID was added to the work.


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 > Even that is
 somewhat unclear. If the PDF is reupped with (previously
 > evidence of ZooBank
 preregistration (where "pre-" means "before
 the date
 > reupped"), then it might
 be available before the print edition, but there are a
 > lot of complexities ...
 The general consensus -- at
 least among Commissioners I have discussed this with -- is
 that a work becomes available the moment it fulfills all
 requirements of the Code.  This has always been true for
 printed works; and there is no reason to think it should be
 any different for electronic works. Using your hypothetical
 example above, the moment the "reupped" PDF (with
 included evidence for ZooBank registration) is obtainable
 (and assuming all other criteria are fulfilled), is the
 moment the work becomes available.  The same would apply to
 cases when the ZooBank record is subsequently updated to
 include required elements, such as the ISSN or indication of
 an online Archive.
 really all that complex, actually.
 Of course, all of these problems will vanish
 when if/when we adopt the Registered=Available model of
 registration (leaving "Publication" to the realm
 of science; not part of the realm of nomenclatural
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