[Taxacom] are early online publications code-compliant?

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Fri Apr 10 12:36:51 CDT 2015

Hi David,

> Perhaps an automated "you sent this in a year ago -is it still
> unpublished?" type of message would be possible.  As with any system, there's
> the issue of staff funding - can we pay someone (or design an automatic
> system) to search for status updates?

This exact feature is actually on the "to-do" list for ZooBank; and has been for some time.  Unfortunately, that's a very long list, and we haven't gotten that far down it yet. As the initial grant funding winds down, we're in a maintenance mode for the next few months.  We have plans to seek additional funding later this year, and this will definitely be one of the (many) new features we would hope to implement.


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