[Taxacom] are early online publications code-compliant?

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Mon Apr 13 16:01:07 CDT 2015

On 4/13/15 1:32 PM, Richard Pyle wrote:
> I've generally been staying out of this discussion -- in part because this horse has already been repeatedly beaten to a pulp; and in part because I've just been too busy with other things.  However, I happened to re-read something just now that PERFECTLY captures my own perspective of how to solve all of this:
> "...it seems likely, in the longer term, and with the development of new information systems, that the solution will not lie in patching up a definition of publication but, rather, in scrapping it and finding a means of replacing "publication" as a primary determinant of availability."
> Brilliant!  EXACTLY right, in my opinion!
> By the way, here's the source of the quote:
> http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-sites/iczn/code/index.jsp?booksection=introduction
> [Second paragraph under the heading "Development of underlying principles"]
It does, of course, bear repeating that Commissioners and others, 
including Rich and myself, have been attempting to devise and promote 
such a system for over a decade now, where the availability of names is 
achieved through a different mechanism, independent of traditional 
publication. Hopefully, eventually, the broader community will come to 
agree that such a thing is necessary.


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