[Taxacom] are journal-ranking algorithms code-compliant?

Fred Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Mon Apr 13 18:01:01 CDT 2015

Quoting Neal Evenhuis <neale at bishopmuseum.org>:

> However, until employers (mainly in academia) do away with evaluating
> their employee taxonomists based on where they publish (i.e., high ranking
> journals), many taxonomists will not switch over to this zero-ranking
> registration/repository system.

* I'm glad I got my unemployable badge before this ranking of  
individuals by the ranking of the journals in which they publish came  
in. This practice has always seemed to me to be an  
institutionalization of pure stinking cowardice - those seeking to  
violate the commandment "judge not, lest ye be judged" rank journals  
by popularity criteria solely because they're afraid they (perhaps as  
administrative trolls luring under academic bridges) couldn't  
understand the work of the person they're supposed to be evaluating.  
They fob the job off on a numerical assessment of the journals, and go  
home to supper.

This is a total inversion of the taxonomic notion of "publication," in  
which it doesn't matter where you publish something, so long as it is  

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