[Taxacom] are journal-ranking algorithms code-compliant?

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Fred asked: Why does anyone participate in this business, and how did it obtain its stranglehold on evaluations?

An interesting question, for which I will suggest tentative answers. Firstly, it is more sensible in theory than it is in practice. ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL, an article with more citations is "better" (more relevant to science and/or society) than one with fewer citations. Of course, one with 10 citations isn't really better than one with 9 citations, but one with 1000 citations is better than one with 10. But, the crucial point is that ALL OTHER THINGS ARE NEVER EQUAL! We are now in a silly position of comparing apples with strawberries, rather than apples with apples! Secondly, I think we need to understand it from the perspective of managers. They are not in a position to judge "quality", so they try to quantify "quality" by way of some objective measure. The problem is that when you put together the above two factors, the result is nonsense!


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 > If anyone is
 thinking that citing the paper is going to help impact
 > factors, think again, as only the
 citations in the first 2  years post
 publication are counted.  The half-life of a taxonomic
 paper may be 50
 > years, but that does
 not matter.
 * bringing the
 discussion back to my initial point of the foolishness of
 this procedure. Why does anyone participate
 in this business, and how 
 did it obtain its
 stranglehold on evaluations?
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