[Taxacom] Forgotting at the edge of miracles

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Sun Apr 26 14:17:34 CDT 2015

I don’t follow.  Are you suggesting that “flying” is the end?  Maybe teleportation is the end.  Maybe something we can’t even comprehend is the end.  The only premise here (in the metaphorical sense) is that flying implies a more advanced form of transportation than walking. The point is that many arguments about biogeography over-reach (i.e., draw too many over-confident/broad-sweeping conclusions from) the underlying evidence.




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But to know this distinction is to know the end, and no human knows the end point (the final truth) so no one knows where we are along the way. All one can do is compare and contrast results from different approaches.


John Grehan


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Hi Antonio,

> I find that
> in many aspects we are being about flying, and we have not even learned how
> to walk.

Yes, exactly!  There seems to be no misunderstanding here.



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