[Taxacom] Herpetological Common Names

Robin Leech releech at telus.net
Sun Aug 2 10:51:32 CDT 2015

Hi Herpetological Taxonomists,


I am on the Amer. Arach. Soc. Common Names Cttee, and 

am interested in knowing how those who specialize in 

other groups of animals (and plants, for that matter) deal 

with issues related to establishing new common names.


We do not want to invent new wheels, so I am asking  what 

sorts of rules, formats and procedures you follow with regard 

to establishng, using, or even deleting common names.


I have the AOU criteria for "English Names" - nice and clear, 

in about 2 pages.

Part of the issue we are looking at is dealing with duplicates 

(i.e., 2 or more common names for the same species, etc.), 

lumping of several species names under one common name, 

and the reverse, dividing what used to be under one scientific 

species name into 2 or more common names.


Any help much appreciated.'



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